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What is Shani Sade Sati & What are the Types & Effects of Shani Sade Sati ?

Shani dev or Lord Shani is one of the most important gods in the Hindu belief system. Shani dev is also one of the most impactful gods in traditional Vedic astrology as he represents planet Saturn. Shani dev is usually worshipped on Saturdays.

Shani dev is the son of Surya and Chhaya and Shani is also known as Cahaya Putra, Shani dev also has a brother named Yama, the god of death and justice. Yama gives results of a person’s deeds after death while Shani give results of a person’s deeds in the present life.

Shani is known as one of the most feared gods as Shani is the presiding deity of planet Saturn. And considered to be one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology.

Saturn is known as a malefic planet in astrology but if Saturn is placed in the beneficial house than it can bless native with great wealth and fame.

If Saturn is positioned in the negative house in the planetary birth chart then it can give adverse effects such as financial loss, poverty, hurdles and accidents. Saturn is considered to be the teacher as it punishes individuals for wrong deeds and guides them on the right path.

What is Shani Sade Sati?

Saturn planet is known as karmic retribution and justice as per Hindu believes. Sade Sati is time period of 7 and half years, in these 7 and half years planet Saturn transit in 3 zodiac signs one by one. It spends around 2 and a half years in each zodiac sign.

Sade Sati of Shani can be a very tough time especially when planet Saturn is in malefic position on native’s birth chart. Sade Sati of Shani can also be the golden time of native’s life if Saturn is positioned in a beneficial position, it can bring a lot of fame and success in that period.

Sade Sati can be very bad time period for individuals who had committed bad deeds in past, as we know Shani is about karmic retribution and justice, Shani punishes an individual as per His/Her deeds if a person did good deeds in past than Shani can open doors of success for that person.

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Three cycles of Shani Sade Sati

First cycle – Each cycle of Sade Sati is 2 and years long. The cycle of Sade Sati begins when Saturn transits in the 12th house from moon for 2 and half years its effects can be seen on native’s close relatives in the family and can cause the burden of debt on native.

First cycle Shani Sade Sati

Native may suffer huge financial burden its debt or bills can increase way more than its income. If the native has own business than He/She may see a downfall in business if the native is doing a job than He/She may face problems in the job.

Second cycle– Second cycle of sade sati begin when Saturn transits 1st house from moon for 2 and a half years. The second cycle of sade sati can be the toughest for the native.

Second cycle Shani Sade Sati

However what needs to be kept in mind that negative results can be seen if Saturn is acting malefic, if it is acting malefic than native may suffer financial loss, health problems, a rift between friends and loss of confidence. In this cycle may develop health problems and may also experience rift between loved ones, if Saturn is not acting malefic than it can show mix results.

Third cycle – Third cycle of sade sati begin when Saturn transits 2nd house from moon for 2 and a half years. The third phase can cause mental stress, disputes with own family members and loss of wealth. Individual may suffer from mental stress because of continuous problems from a long time.

hird cycle of Shani sade sati

It is always important to consult an experienced astrologer to figure out whether Saturn transits in malefic or beneficial position before reaching any conclusion.

How to reduce the malefic effects of Sade Sati?

Worshipping Lord Hanuman – You can reduce malefic effects of Shani sade sati by offering prayers to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and Saturday, one can also Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Once Lord Hanuman freed Shani from clothes of Ravan than Shani promised Lord Hanuman that he will not punish an individual who will worship Hanuman on Tuesday and Saturday. Worshipping Lord Hanuman is one of the best ways to reduce the malefic effects of sade sati.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol – You must avoid drinking alcohol on Saturday and Tuesday during sade Sati. Alcohol can be bad for your health at the same time alcohol angers lord shani so it is recommended to avoid alcohol if possible avoid smoking too.

If a person continues drinking alcohol on Saturday and Tuesday during sade sati than a person may get cursed with bad luck by shani.

Wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone – You can wear blue sapphire gemstone or Neelam Ratna ring to reduce the ill effects of sade Sati. As per Vedic astrological believes natural blue sapphire can protect an individual from malefic effects of sade sati but it is always recommended wearing blue sapphire only after a detailed analysis of the planetary birth chart.

Donations – One of the most effective ways to impress lord Shani is to give donations to the poor. Donating black till clothes and food to the poor can reduce malefic of Sade Sati. You must also offer mustard oil to lord Shani on Saturday. Offering food to poor is always counted as good karma which can reduce the burden of bad deeds and Sade Sati.

Worshipping Lord Shiva – Worshipping Lord Shiva and doing religious activities such as pooja or havan can reduce ill effects of Sade Sati. Individual must do good deeds as much as possible; individual should not hurt poor people’s or innocent animals.

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