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What is role of planets in astrology?

Planets are revolving around sun millions of miles away from us in the solar system, you might think sometimes do planets affect us?

Modern science and Vedic astrology believe that planets do have an effect on our lives. Every planet emits a certain type of energy which bring positive or negative effect on human lives, usually depends on planetary positions of a person’s birth chart.

Despite having millions of kilometres away, planets do affect of daily life and destiny. In Vedic astrology actually 7 planets are counted physical planets (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Moon and Mercury) and rest 2 remaining planets are Rahu (Dragon Head) and Ketu (Dragon Tail), these 2 planets are known as shadow planets.

Sun – The most important planet 

Sun is considered to be the most important planet in Vedic astrology and in Vedic astrology sun is occupies the position of king. In astrology, the sun is a symbol of masculine, power, courage and boldness. Sun also represent authority and power to dominate.

If a person has the sun at the positive position in His/Her astrological birth chart than the sun can influence every aspect of a native’s life positively.

Sun planets

Sun can bless a person with self-confidence, success, prosperity and can also improve health. While sun in malefic position can cause various health problems such as eyesight problems and poor blood circulation etc. Sun in malefic can also negatively affect love and family relationships.

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IN Vedic astrology moon is known as an important planet for love and relationships. Moon is considered to be the feminine planet in astrology. If the moon is placed positively in native’s birth chart then it can bless native with a charming personality and peaceful mind.

Moon is a positive position also bless a person with a calm and cheerful mind, which help a person to get out of difficult positions very easily. Moon can make a person more progressive and successful within a very short period of time.

Moon planets

If a native has malefic or negative moon in His/Her planetary birth chart then it can cause short temper and anger in native’s behaviour.

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Mars is known as a dry and masculine planet. Generally, it is considered to be a malefic planet. if a native has mars in a strong position in its planetary birth chart then it can bless native with strong will power and physical strength which can help a person to achieve success in career and can also help overcome from difficult times.

Mars Planets

Positive mars can also increase leadership qualities and can improve the native’s administration qualities. While mars in malefic position can increase anger in native’s behaviour also it can provoke native to take risky and violent steps.

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Mercury planet represent person’s intelligence and communication skills. If a native have mercury in positive position as per planetary birth chat than it can bestow native with mental skills and better communication skills. Good communication skills are extremely important for a person whether you are doing a job or running your own business. Good communication skills help a person to deliver its message perfectly to clients.

Mercury Planets

Positive mercury can also improve the learning skills of a person while the mercury in negative position can make a person lazy and extremely moody. Malefic Mercury encourages a person to put money in the gamble and in other risky business.

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It is known as a noble, masculine and dignified planet. Jupiter in strong position can bless native with mental wisdom and positive. And lead a person to spiritual paths where a person can attain higher spiritual consciousness.

This planet also blesses native with a charming personality and better mental focus, these qualities are extremely important for a person to attain higher goals in a career.


Jupiter also increases generosity and joy in-person life,  also increase a person’s reputation in society.  Jupiter in malefic position can make a person very radical and extremists in every matter, a person can become stubborn which can result in various looses.

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Venus is known as a planet for prosperity and luxury. If a Venus in a positive position in native’s planetary birth chart can increase charm and magnetism in the native’s personality. Positive venus can also bless native with growth in business which can bring prosperity and luxury in native life.

Venus is also a very important planet for love and relationships, a strong venus can bring partners close to each other and make relations long-lasting. Strong venus can turn bad love relations into strong and trustful relations.


Malefic venus can negatively affect love relationships and can also negatively affect native’s career which can cause a downfall in career.

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Saturn is known as one of the most powerful and fierce planets in nature. If Saturn is placed positively in the birth chart then it can bring a lot of positive changes in native’s life. Positive Saturn can increase leadership qualities, self-confidence, courage and bravery in a person’s personality.

Lord Shani the presiding deity of planet Saturn is known for justice and fierce nature. If a native ability to please Lord Shani than he can bless a person with good health, wealth and prosperity.


If Saturn is placed malefic in native’s birth chart then it can increase chances of business loss and increase of bad qualities in person’ behaviour.

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Rahu in Vedic astrology is considered as Chayagraha or shadow planet. Basically, Rahu does not have its own physical planet but it can transit to any house of person’s planetary birth chart and show its effects.

Rahu is basically a malefic planet and it shows its malefic effects once a person is under Rahu maha Dasha.


Malefic Rahu can lead a person on wrong paths which such as gamble, excessive alcohol and drug abuse, short temper and theft.  There are various ways which can reduce malefic effects of Rahu and can turn Rahu into native’s favour. Positive Rahu can bless native with a quick increase in name, fame and status.

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Ketu is also known as chayagraha or shadow planet same as Rahu. It is the lower portion or body of Rahu also known as dragon tail. Like Rahu, Ketu is also a malefic planet and it does not have it’s on house it usually transit into other houses to show its effects.

Malefic Ketu can cause various obstacles in-person career and also it can encourage native to follow wrong paths such as theft or robbery.


Ketu increases materialistic desires in person up to an extent where a person agrees to follow wrong paths to fulfil His/Her desires. There are various prayers and gemstone which can reduce the malefic effects of Ketu.

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