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What are the various types of gemstones and their benefits?

Gemstones are very beautiful and colourful pieces of minerals which are naturally crystallized. These pieces of stones are further cut and polished so they can be used as jewellery or gemstones.

Gemstones usually have a very rich lustre and colourful shining texture, most of the gemstones produced naturally under the surface of the earth.

Gemstones are widely used for jewellery purpose because of their colourful lustre; everyone loves to wear gemstones as jewellery. Gemstones are also used in other fashion accessories like rings, bracelets, armlets or necklace etc.

Apart from jewellery, gemstones are also associated with traditional Indian Vedic astrology. Use of gemstones for astrological purpose is very common these days because natural gemstones have healing powers.

As per Vedic astrology gemstones are associated with nine planets and gemstones are worn to get positive energies of nine planets. Also according to the Vedic astrology, gemstones can be also beneficial to bring success and good health. There are mainly nine types of precious gemstones which are associated with Vedic astrology.

Ruby – Ruby is known as manik in India and the planet associated with ruby is the sun. Sun is known as the king of planets in astrology and it is one of the most powerful planets.

Ruby is considered to be the lucky gemstones for people who have weak SUN in their horoscopes. Ruby gemstone emits strong cosmic energy and it can benefit its wearer in many ways.

It is recommended to wear ruby gemstone only after astrological recommendation because it may not be suitable for everyone. Ruby gemstone brings good health, courage, physical strength and fame to its wearer. Ruby can also increase confidence and develop a leader like capabilities in its wearer.

Blue sapphire – Blue sapphire is called Neelam in Hindi. Neelam is one of the fastest acting gemstones and it is lucky gemstone for peoples who have weak Saturn in their Kundali/Horoscope.

As per Vedic astrology blue sapphire is associated with planet Saturn (Shani). Neelam is a useful gemstone to reduce bad effects of sadde satti and Neelam gemstone pleases lord Shani the presiding deity of planet Saturn.

Blue sapphire


Blue sapphire gemstone brings prosperity, fame, reduces obstacles in growth, overcome the financial debts and job opportunities to its wearer. Neelam gemstone also has various health benefits, it improves digestion, improves concentration and may also help in improving eyesight.

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Yellow sapphire – Yellow sapphire is known as Pukhraj in Hindi. Yellow sapphire comes in light to dark yellow colour. Pukhraj is associated with Jupiter or Brihaspati Graha, as per Vedic astrology pukhraj can calm malefic effects of Brihaspati Graha. Yellow sapphire can remove various obstacles and bring good fortune to its wearer.

Pukhraj Ratna is beneficial for bringing wealth and economic progress; it can also bring strong bonding in marriage relations of its wearer and can help individuals to get better married life. It can also trigger spiritual inclination towards almighty. Jupiter is karatatwa for Wisdom so wearing Pukhraj helps attaining it in due course of a lifetime.

White Pearl – White pearl is called Moti in Hindi and it comes in creamy white colour. As per Vedic astrological believes the planet associated with white pearl is moon or Chandra, it can reduce malefic effects of the moon from wearer’s life. If the moon is located in an inauspicious position in the birth chart of an individual then it may affect decision-making capabilities and may cause anger in an individual’s behaviour.

White Pearl

Pearl can bring mental calmness and emotional balance in wearer’s life, after wearing pearl individual can take better decisions and pearl can help its wearer to properly deal with difficult situations. Pearl can also help its wearer to get rid of mental depression and stress.

Emerald – Emerald is known as Panna in Hindi. As per Vedic astrology, Panna is associated with planet Mercury or Budha Graha. If mercury planet is placed in the inauspicious position it can cause various problems like skin problem, speech problem, problems in job etc. therefore wearing Panna can remove malefic effects of planet mercury from wearer’s life.

Emerald brings blessings of budha graha in a person’s life. Emerald enhances the memory of its wearer so it can be very beneficial for students in their studies.

If emerald is worn after experienced astrologer’s recommendation than it can bring various other benefits to wearer’s life such as growth and progress in business and career.

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Red coral – Coral is known as moonga or munga is Hindi and coral is associated with planet Mars or Mangal Graha. If mangal is placed in a strong position in an individual’s planetary birth chart then it can help to win over enemies. If Mars is located in an inauspicious position in person’s planetary birth chart then it may have negative effects on a person’s both personal and professional life.

Red coral

Wearing coral can reduce malefic effects of Mangal Graha and can help the wearer to improve its martial relations, property-related issues and can help to get success in its career.

Hessonite – Hessonite is called Gomed in Hindi. Gomed gemstone considered to be auspicious for individuals born in the month of January( as per SUNSINGN). Hessonite gemstone is usually recommended by astrologers to reduce the malefic effects of evil planet Rahu or Dragonhead.


Rahu Dasha can cause various negative effects on an individual’s life, malefic effects of Rahu can cause a business to slow down, financial problems, fatigue, high blood pressure and intestinal problems. Wearing gomed can remove the evil effects of Rahu, it is recommended to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing gomed or hessonite.

Cat’s eye – Cat’s eye gemstone is called Lehsunia in Hindi. As per Vedic astrological believes cat’s eye gemstone is associated with planet Ketu or Dragon tail. Ketu is known as the evil planet and it can harm an individual if placed inauspicious positions in a planetary birth chart. Lehsunia gemstone can reduce ill or evil effects of Ketu Dasha and can protect the wearer from the evil eye.


It is believed that the cat’s eye gemstone has healing powers so it can increase the immunity of its wearer, Lehsunia can also protect the individual from falling sick. A person who is suffering from bad dreams in the night can get rid of bad dreams after wearing cat’s eye.

Diamond – Diamond is called Heera in Hindi. Diamonds are considered to be women’s best friends and diamonds are widely used as jewellery in the world. Diamond also has astrological importance because diamond is associated with planet Venus or Shukra as per Vedic astrological beliefs.

If Shukra Graha is placed in an inauspicious position in person’s planetary birth chart then it can cause relationship problems and financial problems. Wearing a diamond can reduce malefic effects of Shukra Graha and diamond can bring luxury, wealth and can improve marital relationship in wearer’s life.

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