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Vastu shastra tips – 9 Tips you should know

Vastu is known as ancient Indian science of building homes and workplaces in a most scientific way to get benefits from the elements of nature.

Vastu principles are based on scientific evidence, Vastu is not just an assumption and the following Vastu can bring prosperity and wealth in our life.

The best part about Vastu principles is that they are very simple and easy to follow in real life, Vastu tips us to balance the energy of natural elements which bring prosperity and wealth in our life.

Vastu science is a combination of astrology, art and astronomy which allow us to get benefits of natural energies.

Some Important Vastu Tips

Here are the important Vastu tips which you should follow to bring wealth and prosperity in your home or office.

Prayer room

Prayer room in your home is one of the most important palaces, this is the place where you place pictures and idols of deities and this is the place you worship deities.

As per Vastu science pictures or idols of deities should be placed toward the eastern side and a picture of any expired person should not keep alongside pictures of deities.

You must avoid building your temple under the staircase, building temple or prayer room under the staircase is not considered to be auspicious and this space should be used for storage.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Your bedrooms play a very important role in your lives, your bedroom is the place where you get to rest and sleep in the night.

The bedroom is the place which helps you to relax your body and mind, the bedroom also rejuvenates your body.

Sleep and rest are extremely important in a person’s life to maintain good health and the bedroom are directly connected to your sleep.

If a bedroom is designed as per Vastu science than it can bring good health and progress in your life.

After all you spend 1\3 time of your life in your bedroom while sleeping or resting so it is better to properly take care of 1/3 time of your life.

As per Vastu recommendations, south-west or south should be the ideal place or direction to have a bedroom.

The entrance of the bed room should be located in north or east.

Tulsi plant

As per Vastu and Hindu believes tulsi plant (Holy basil) is considered to be auspicious, the tulsi plant also has a lot of medicinal properties.

Having a Tulsi plant in the home is considered to be very auspicious because it can ward off the evil eye and negative energies.

Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant should be placed or planted in the front area of the house but not directly in front of the entrance door and east direction can be ideal.

Vastu Tips for Trees

Having trees in the house has a lot of health benefits and if we plant trees as per Vastu recommendation than trees provide even more benefits.

As per Vastu recommendations, trees should be planted in south or west direction of the house, south part of the house is always considered to auspicious to plant trees as it can block negative energies from entering in your house, negative energies usually come from the south-west direction.


Keep mind that trees should not be planted very close to the walls of your house, Mango, Neem, Coconut, or Amla trees can be very auspicious trees to plant in your house.

Sleeping direction

Sleeping is the most important factor in our lives, our life and health are directly affected by sleep.

If we sleep well than our body remains energetic and healthy, if we do not get quality sleep than our personal and professional both lives can be affected negatively.

Sleeping direction

According to Vastu recommendations, your head must remain in south and legs should remain in north direction while you sleep. Your head should never remain in the north direction, it may cause illness and insomnia.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen has a lot of importance in our lives as the kitchen is a source of energy and health because the kitchen is the place where we cook all the food, food is directly linked to your health and energy.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu has a recommendation for the ideal direction of the kitchen, according to Vastu shastra your kitchen should be located in the north-east part of your house.

The kitchen should not be positioned above the pooja room, bedroom and toilet because it is counted as inauspicious as per vastu science.

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Lamps are the source of light and lamps are considered to be very auspicious.

Negative energies ward off when you lit a lamp in your house. According to Vastu, you must place an oil lamp in the east direction, east direction for the lamp is considered to be auspicious.


The oil lamp should have a minimum of 2 wicks in it, the lamp should never be lit with a single wick. You can add up to 7 maximum wicks in a single lamp.

The lamp should never face south as it is considered to be inauspicious, you can place a lamp in front of deities or tulsi plant it will help you to gain spiritual wisdom.

Vastu Tips for Stairs

According to Vastu recommendations, west or south directions are ideal to build a staircase because the staircase is a heavy structure it can block negative energies entering from the south direction.

Stairs of the house should be built in the pattern in which they rise from the east direction and land in the west direction or they rise from north direction and land in south direction.

Stairs should never be built in the northeast direction or centre of the house.


It is commonly seen in most houses that bathrooms are built anywhere or in any direction of the house, which should have to be avoided.

If the bathroom is built in the wrong direction then it may bring negative energies in the house.


According to Vastu, the bathroom should be built on the eastern part of the house, the bathroom should not be built on corners of the house and toilet should be located on north-west or west part of the building.

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