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Vastu Shastra is one of the ancient teachings of Indian civilization. It relates to the science of architecture and tells how a building should be planned to circulate positive energy in our lives. The correct implementation of Vastu methods has brought peace and prosperity to many households for centuries. Although Vastu started with the construction rules for Hindu temples, it soon became popular for residential houses, office buildings, vehicles, sculpture, paintings, furniture etc. Science of Vastu is based on mostly the directions and construction materials used, as well as many other minor factors.

History of Vastu
Indian civilization is the oldest in the world and has a rich heritage to develop various branches of science. Vastu Shastra is one such discipline that has evolved over the years based on the traditional knowledge gained from the study of nature. Old Indian philosophers knew much about the five elements that created the universe.

They had knowledge about gravitational field, magnetic field, earth’s position, velocity of winds, ultraviolet rays, intensity of precipitation and quantity etc. The application of this knowledge ensured that the construction of the house was scientific and at the same time spiritual. This is the knowledge that people have achieved through many years of studying and testing.
Five elements of Vastu Shastra
Vastu Shastra has really important five elements. Which are-
• Earth
• Water
• fire
• Air
• Space

According to traditional knowledge, the whole universe around us is composed of these five basic elements. In fact, the five elements of nature must be coordinated with the five elements of the human body. This coordination is important because it makes human relations harmonious. Knowledge of the elements can really help people to know more about Vastu Shastra and can help them to realize the reason that why they must make some changes in the house or to put certain things in certain places.

Elements can determine the way to interact with special objects or some type of people. It would be bad to set up an office in the corner for a fire sign, which represents the corner of the water. These small details of Vaastu are not based only on the directions and the elements of nature, but there are at least a few elements at the time of birth of the person residing on the person’s resident or at the time of the person’s birth. Read more The Importance and Benefits of Vastu Shastra

Directions in Vastu Shastra
Apart from the elements, the directions in Vastu Shastra are the most important factor of this ancient practice. While building a house, make sure that everything is in the right corner and for this reason it is necessary for people to know all about this science. Here are eight directions and their specific characteristics according to Vaastu Shastra:

1. East:The direction of sunrise, and it also stands for new beginnings. It is very beneficial for those who are trying to eliminate something bad and starting something new. This is the direction of prosperity.

2. West: The West is likely the most pitiable direction. Of all the Vastu directions, it is in which there are more instructions for ‘don’ts’ compared to ‘dos’. Those who live in the western part of the house or have open entrances in the west, they do not live happily or prosperous life.

3. North:Noth is the direction that is best for those businessmen who are interested in implementing some Vaastu in their life. The planet that govern this direction is Mercury, which makes this truly beneficial for the people to have offices in this direction.

4. South: South is quite contradictory direction. There is some fear among those who follow Vaastu Shastra about this direction. This is due to the fact that there are mixed feelings about whether this works for people or not.

5. North-East:The north-east is the direction of God. It is most auspicious, and it is known for promoting positive aspects in men and women. While taking care of the northern corner or edge of the structure, remember the few details to given by an astrologer to take advantage of Vastu Shastra.

6. North-West: Northwest is the direction that handles interpersonal relations. The kind of relationships that people have with other members of the family, they definitely depend on them.

7. South-East:South-east is the direction of the logical and reasoning person.

8. South-West: This is the direction of the evil or demons, the opposite of north-east. As a result of this, it can harm the business field and the decisions made in that field.