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Rahu Mahadasha and Use of Hessonite Gemstone

Rahu is considered to be the 8th planet in traditional Indian Vedic astrology, Rahu is also known as dragon head.

Rahu works in its shadow form, it is also not visible in galaxy. Because Rahu does not have a physical appearance like other planets such as Sun, Moon or Jupiter etc. But at the same time Rahu is considered to be one of the most impactful planets is Vedic astrology.

The story of Rahu dates back earliest of times, according to Hindu religious scriptures Puranas, Rahu is linked with the most important event of Hinduism called Samundra Manthan (Churning of the ocean to obtain nectar). Both Asuras (Demons) and Devas (Gods) were churning ocean to obtain Amrit (nectar), once Amrit was obtained it was stolen by asuras.

Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and recovered Amrit from asuras. Rahu was previously known as asur Svarbhanu, he changed his appearance to look like devtas.

Sun and Moon devtas identified asur Svarbhanu and told Lord Vishnu about it. Lord Vishnu severed head of asur Svarbhanu with Sudarshan chakra but svarbhanu already drank few drops of Amrit and become immortal. And his head was separated from his body but he remains immortal and recognized as Rahu.

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What does Rahu Represent?

Rahu is a planet of chaos and destruction; he represents mysteries and dark secrets. Rahu also represents extremes and darkness, Rahu signifies everything which is materialistic, misleading, unpredictable and risky.

Rahu is known for creating clouds of illusion in the individual’s mind which are far away from truth and rahu lead individual to risky paths. It creates a shadow of illusion which leads an individual on unpredictable paths which only results in losses, humiliation, sadness and obstacles in the end.

As Rahu is known for its frightening and terrible nature, His look is also terrible which is mentioned in Hindu religious scriptures. Rahu is always furious, angry, violent and aggressive in nature. His temper is dangerous and he is furious at extreme levels.

His appearance is terrible, his head is fixed on the body of a serpent, he has a large moustache and his eyes are red filled with anger. And complexion is mentioned as light purple and has an expression of anger on his face. Rahu has two horns on his head and he is very stubborn in nature. If Rahu is present in a bad position in person’s in the planetary birth chart then it can cause various negative effects.

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What is Rahu Mahadasha?

Rahu is evil by nature and creates illusions person’s mind. When Rahu is positioned in a particular house it is called Rahu mahadasha and Rahu mahadasha last for 18 years. The evil planet Rahu does not have a house in the horoscope, Rahu shows its effects from whichever house it is positioned.

You should be fearful of rahu mahadasha? Well, the answer is YES because rahu is an evil planet most of the time shows negative effects whichever house it is positioned but sometimes it give positive effects depends on the planetary birth chart of an individual.

Malefic effects of Rahu Mahadasha

As we already know rahu is an evil planet in nature so it effects negativity on native’s life. Rahu mahadasha last for 18 years so it can increase the desire of high luxury lifestyle, expensive cars and gadgets etc. These desires can be uncontrollable so a person can choose wrong paths to earn money because rahu creates the shadow of illusions in native’s mind.

With the effects of Rahu mahadasha native can be influenced by corrupt, fake and criminal minded peoples to earn more money and fame.

Rahu mahadasha can cause a huge financial loss in native’s life, which can result depression and failure in career.

Its mahadasha can cause negative effects on native’s health such as respiratory and urinary disorders. It can cause sudden loss of wealth due to injury or accident.

Rahu can cause strong disagreements between family members which result break up between family members and clashes between families. It can also cause a rift between marital relations which can result in divorce.

It can cause a lack of job opportunities and chances of progress.

Rahu mahadasha can cause enmity between brothers and close friends. It can cause legal issues with powerful personalities, politicians and government employees.

Benefits of Its Mahadasha

Rahu mahadasha can bring positive effects such as gain of social status, financial achievements, travel abroad or gain in confidence. If it is positioned in the positive house of the planetary birth chart.

It is believed that if Rahu is positioned in second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth house with Venus or Sun than it can be extremely lucky for native. It can bring name, fame and social status for native in a short period of time.

What is Hessonite Gemstone?

Hessonite gemstone is known as Gomed in Hindi. Hessonite gemstone comes in deep orange brownish to honey colour shade, it belongs to the garnet mineral family. It can be worn to gain various positive effects and it can nullify the malefic effects of Rahu.

Can hessonite help to overcome the negative effects of Rahu mahadasha?

Yes, hessonite or gomed can help an individual to overcome the negative effects of Rahu mahadasha.

If Rahu is positioned in malefic position in individual’s planetary birth chart than He/She must wear hessonite gemstone.

As per Vedic astrological believes hessonite gemstone can reduce the negative impact of all Rahu doshas. Such as kalathra dosha, sarpa dosha, and Putra dosha.

Gomed gemstone can reduce or nullify the negative effects of all these doshas.

It is always recommended by astrologers to wear hessonite gemstone with a silver ring. As it helps to reduce the negative impact of it.

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