You are currently viewing Pitra dosha /Pitru dosham – causes, effects and remedies

Pitra dosha /Pitru dosham – causes, effects and remedies

Here we are discussing the Pitra dosha /Pitru dosham and its causes, effects and remedies… Let’s read this article.

In Sanskrit, Pitra refers to ancestors or fatherly figures and dosha refers to flaws. In simple terms, Pitra dosha refers to flaws which are related to ancestors.

Pitra dosha is a kind karmic debt which sometimes comes an individual’s fate in the form of a combination of malefic planets in horoscope. Pitra dosha in Vedic astrology is considered as one the most inauspicious dosha and it can bring a lot of obstacles in native’s life.

It is a general misconception amongst peoples that pitra dosha is formed when a person get cursed from His/Her ancestors, in reality, pitra dosha is karmic debt or bad deeds of one’s ancestors which sometimes come to person’s fate in the horoscope.

How to identify pitra dosha in horoscope?

Presence of planet sun with Rahu in 9th house of native’s planetary birth chart.

Combination of sun and Rahu or sun and Saturn is present in any of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th or 10th house of native’s birth chart than it is considered as the formation of pitra dosh.

If Rahu or Ketu is positioned in 9th house of the native’s birth chart then it is known as the formation of pitra dosh.

If 9th house of the native’s birth chart has the presence of any malefic planet than it is considered as pitra dosh. And If lord of 9th house is weakly placed in a retrograde position anywhere in the birth chart also form pitra dosh.

If sun and Jupiter or any one of these planets is in conjunction with Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart of native than this planetary formation also give pitra dosha up to some degrees.

Causes of pitra dosha

Pitra dosham is generally formed due to the bad deeds committed by native’s ancestors.

It is believed that no one can escape from karmas although performing poojas and prayers can reduce the negative impact of karmas but pitra dosha still bring obstacles in native’s life up to some extent.

Abusing any living creature such as humans or animals mentally or physically can form pitra dosham to next generations.

Killing or torturing any human or animal with cruelty. Committing barbarity on humans or animals.

Stealing or forcibly taking away land, money or assets of poor peoples or others.

Committing sexual abuse on innocents can form pitra dosha.

When poor and helpless victims cursed native’s ancestors in past for their crimes and atrocities on them, it also forms pitra dosham.

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Effects of pitra dosha

The crimes and bad deeds are done by native’s ancestors reflect in native’s planetary horoscope in the form of malefic planetary formations.

The of pitra dosha is not same for everyone and it varies from individual to individual but most of the time effects of pitra dosha are malefic. In some cases these malefic effects can be common but in some cases, negative effects can be severe.

Native may face a lot of hardships in His/Her life to achieve success in life. The native will work hard a lot but will get an only little amount of success as compared to the hard work He/She done for a specific goal.

The Native may fall into debt and poverty in various stages of its life. Even native have or earn a lot of money He/She find too difficult to save that money, the native will find it difficult to save that money for the future.

Native face delay in getting married. The native will get impressive marriage proposal but these proposals do not get converted into marriage because of pitta dosha.

Pitra dosha can cause a rift in martial relationships which can result in heated arguments and disputes between husband and wife, these incidents can even cause divorce or separation of couples.

Native’s children can be a very poor performer in the study. Native’s children may famous various problems in their life related to health and career.

Native may face problems in getting His/Her desired job or native may also face problems in business. The native will find it difficult to expand its business or may find it difficult to earn the desired profits.

If a native has pitra dosha in His/her kundali than He/She may see snakes in dreams along with its ancestors demanding food and other material things.

Remedies of Pitra Dosham

Pitra dosha can cause various problems and obstacles in native’s life although there are various remedies which can help native to reduce the malefic effects of pitra dosha form His/her life.

It is karmic debt and karmas don’t go away easily but still, there are prayers and rituals which can help native to reduce negative effects of pitra dosham up to large extent.

The native should help poor girls or poor Brahmin girls financially to get married.

Donating food to cows and feeding rice balls of fishes on Saturday can reduce malefic effects of pitra dosha.

The native should worship Lord Vishnu and Peepal tree on somewhat Amavasya. The native should do 108 parikarmas of peepal tree with chanting mantra “Om Bhagvate Vasudevay Namah” and native should seek for forgiveness.

Native should worship Lord Vishnu’s Rama Avtar, it can help native to reduce malefic effects of pitra dosha.

The native should offer selfless and donations to poor peoples. The native should offer food and clothes to poor peoples.

Native should perform Rudra Abhishek for His/her ancestors.

The native should wear gemstone which can reduce the negative effects of malefic planetary formations.

A native should keep energized yantras in His/Her home temple.

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