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The Concept of Palmistry

Palmistry science can be described as the art and science of envisioning the future and discovering yourself by the help of in-depth examination of the palm. It is also known as Chiromancy and is a well-accepted practice between various cultures throughout the world. Reading a palm usually involves analyzing the shape and texture of the hands, the fingers on the palm, the formation of lines and marks, and certain ascents on the palm. Through a study of these characteristics, a good palmist will be able to describe certain facts of your past, present, character, career, clear facts about marriage, impending threats and much more.

How Does Palmistry Work?

Most people combine palmistry with the concept of anticipating the future. In fact, such a comprehensive perception stems from the inadequate awareness of science. By studying lines and symbols on your palm, an established palmist will be able to create a clear link between your current personality and your previous experiences, patterns of behavior and remarkable events. With this kind of understanding of your character, the palmist will be able to guide you towards making positive decisions about your career, relationships, finances and your future.

We all move towards some behavioral patterns as a result of some deep experiences in our past. Just as your character keeps developing as a result of these experiences, so are the main lines on your palms. A close study of marks and lines on your palms directly indicates the behavioral patterns that you may have achieved in response to your previous experiences. A clear understanding of these patterns and how your life affects with that, you can definitely eliminate any negative pattern and enjoy the superior quality of life.

The Basics of Palmistry

The most important aspect in palmistry is to identify your dominant and non-dominant hand. The key hand is your active hand or – just put it in words – with the hand you write. It is believed that the key hand is a reflection of your present – your aspirations, expectations and achievements. The non-dominant hand is an indicator of your past – the habits and events of your past and your hidden talents.

After this, comes the lines and shards in your palm. There are seven main mounts on the palm that represent subconscious symptoms in your brain. These are the mounts of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The palm lines can be classified into major and minor lines. The major palm lines of life, heart and head signify the degree of your subconscious awareness. Minor lines of Sun, Mercury, Saturn and belt of Venus – are the indicators of your ability to effectively influence the hidden talents and untold energies within you.

Each line or mark on the palm reveals important information about your character, your past, present and future. Formation of the shape and size of the fingers also talks about your underlying properties. Palmistry also involves some symbols like a star or a cross that may be present in your palm. An expert palm reader is not limited to only predicting your past, present and future. The palmist will be able to change your life by guiding you towards better understanding of yourself.