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Health benefits of natural gemstones

Health is wealth, not an ordinary saying only but the ultimate truth. Everything in your life depends on your health whether it is related to your job, business or family relationships.

If your health is well and sound than you can give the best performance in your business/career or life.

On the other hand, if your health is not well and sound than it affects almost everything around, poor health can create difficulties in career or in family relationships. Gemstones are one of the best and easiest way which can provide you various health benefits.

Gemstones have a rich history throughout the world, gemstones and crystals were used for health benefits in ancient Egyptian culture and till now gemstones are an essential part of traditional Indian Vedic astrology.

From the era of kings and queens until now, gemstones are used as jewellery, astrology, and gem therapy and to represent luxury.

Gemstones have various health benefits as well as gemstones can increase self-confidence, fortune, consciousness and courage in its wearer.

Single gemstone or combination of various gemstones can be used for health benefits, gemstones can also be worn as per native’s planetary positions in birth chart.

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Health Benefits of Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is commonly known as Neelam, Neelam is a very auspicious gemstone at the same time it possesses great cosmic powers. It is considered the fastest acting gemstone and it is believed blue sapphire can start showing its positive effects within 3 days.

Blue sapphire gemstone is a miraculous gemstone because of its quick effects. Blue sapphire gemstone has great importance in Vedic astrology because it is associated with planet Saturn or Shani Graha, blue sapphire can ward off negative effects of Sade Sati or malefic effects of planet Saturn.

Health Benefits of Blue sapphire

Malefic Saturn in native’s planetary birth chart can cause health problems and obstacles in career while wearing blue sapphire can protect native from malefic effects. Wearing natural blue sapphire gemstone can also increase vital energy, activeness and can sharpen the wearer’s memory.

Health Benefits of Yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire gemstone is known for its healing abilities. In Vedic astrology yellow sapphire is considered to be one of the important gemstones, yellow sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter if the native has malefic Jupiter planet in its birth chart than yellow sapphire can help strengthen Jupiter.]

Yellow Sapphires

Yellow sapphire is also known as pukhraj, yellow sapphire has various health benefits it can help the wearer to cure stomach, digestive disorders, and improve digestion. Jupiter planet is known for wisdom and intellectual skills, strong Jupiter can bless natives with wisdom and sharp memory.

Health Benefits of Coral

Coral gemstone is also known as moonga, coral is associated with planet mars also known as Mangal in Hindi. Strong planet mars in the planetary birth chart can bless natives with courage, bravery, and win over enemies while weak mars in the birth chart may cause mental depression or stress.

Wearing coral can strengthen malefic Jupiter and coral is beneficial in increasing vitality and energy. Coral increases self-confidence in the wearer and helps in getting rid of mental depression and stress. Coral improves blood flow in the body, increases physical energy, reduces laziness and anxiety.

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Health Benefits of White sapphire

White sapphire is considered to be a very auspicious gemstone in Vedic astrology. White sapphire is associated with the planet Venus and it can be worn as a substitute for the diamond (Heera).

If a person is suffering from mental depression, anxiety, low fertility, and reproductive disorders then He/She should wear white sapphire to get rid of these disorders.

Health Benefits of White sapphire

Venus is a planet of luxury, desires, fertility, and love while malefic Venus in birth chat can cause depression, low fertility, anxiety, and financial loss but wearing white sapphire can protect its wearer from malefic effects of Venus. White sapphire is also known as safed pukhraj.

Health Benefits of Ruby

Ruby is a very popular gemstone in Vedic astrology and ruby is associated with the planet sun. It is also known as manik in India. Ruby is associated with the planet sun and wearing ruby can strengthen the sun. If the sun is positioned weak in the native’s planetary birth chart.

Sun is considered to be the leader of all planets; the sun in a strong position can provide various health benefits to its wearer. When it lies in a strong position then it can bless natives with boosting energy, self-confidence, courage, and emotional strength.

Ruby is considered to be beneficial for the digestive system, can promote healthy blood circulation, and help get rid of chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Health Benefits of Amethyst

Amethyst is a beautiful purple colored gemstone and it usually comes in light to dark purple shades. Amethyst gemstone is used worldwide for jewelry. And for fashion purposes at the same time, it has various health and astrological benefits.

Amethyst gemstone is helpful to reduce hypertension, short temper, and depression. Amethyst gemstone can bring courage, strength, and mental peace to its wearer.

 Benefits of Garnet

Garnet is a gorgeous looking gemstone and it is filled with a lot of positive energy. Garnets deliver energy to the entire body of its wearer and revitalize muscles of the body.

Garnet also has the power to protect its wearer from evil spirits and evil eyes. Also helps to get rid of bad dreams. Garnet can be worn in any jewelry or accessory whether it can be a ring or locket.

Benefits of Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink colored gemstone, can be beneficial for heart health. It can be beneficial for both heart and brain it can help reduce mental depression, stress and it can uplift a person’s mind who has to be from divorce or breakup.

Rose quartz gemstone can be beneficial for a stable love relationship with your partner; it may emotionally bring to persons together. Wearing rose quartz in a pendant or armlet near the heart can be most beneficial.

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