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Getting Success in Business and Financial Growth with Right Gemstone

Getting success in business and taking the business to a new height is the desire of almost every businessman. In simple words, everyone wants success in business and everyone wants to become a successful businessman but you might be thinking about how to do it or is it easy to achieve success in business?

Well, it is not an easy task in fact getting success in business is pretty tough especially when there is too much competition.

Competition in business is always high, everyone wants to get ahead of others in the business. In high competition slight edge over your competitors matter a lot, an edge over your competitors can bring excellent results. But the question is how you can get an edge over your competitors and stay ahead in business?

In this matter, natural gemstones can be one of the best options for you. Gemstones are being used for financial growth and for various purposes throughout the world from ancient times.

As per Vedic astrology, gemstones can be very beneficial to bring financial growth or success in business. Gemstones have cosmic energies that can protect a person from negative energies and can help to achieve success in business. Which gemstones can bring financial growth?

Emerald – Emerald is considered to be one of the most auspicious gemstones for career success and financial growth. Emerald gemstone is associated with planet Mercury as per Vedic astrological believes.

Emerald Gemstone

If a person has a weak mercury planet in its planetary birth chart then it can cause financial loss and other obstacles but wearing emerald gemstone can reduce the negative effects of a weak mercury planet. Emerald gemstone is used from ancient times for success and good fortune, it was worn by kings and warriors for success and protection.

Emerald absorb negative energies that are around a person and protect wear from negative energies also remove obstacles from a person’s career. Emerald gemstone is considered to be highly auspicious for business and financial growth if a person is suffering from misfortune and obstacles in business than He/She wear the emerald gemstone for career and financial growth.

Yellow sapphire – Yellow sapphire is also known as pukhraj and yellow sapphire gemstone is highly auspicious to bring back lost or declining business. Yellow sapphire can help a businessman to climb the huge ladder of success and to earn great profits, astrologically pukhraj Ratna is associated with Jupiter planet or Brihaspati graham.

Yellow Sapphires

If a person has strong Jupiter in its planetary birth chart then He/She can easily climb the heights of success. Jupiter planet is known for financial and academic success, by wearing yellow sapphire a person can strengthen weak Jupiter to remove obstacles from business and career success.

Blue sapphire – Blue sapphire is considered to be the fastest acting gemstone and blue sapphire is also known as Neelam Ratna. If a person is facing a decline or loss in business then He/She should wear the blue sapphire to overcome losses and remove obstacles. Peoples who are doing import-export business, textile 0r transport business should wear blue sapphire gemstone to remove obstacles and to take their business to new heights.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone for Career Success

Blue sapphire is associated with planet Saturn if a native has weak Saturn in its planetary birth chart than He/She can face various financial obstacles and business losses, by wearing blue sapphire native can strengthen Saturn planet and Saturn in a strong position can bless native with business success and financial growth.

Ruby – Wearing ruby gemstone is considered to be highly auspicious because ruby is associated with the planet sun. If the sun is in a strong position in a person’s planetary birth chart then it can bless Him/Her with huge business growth and financial achievements at the same time weak sun in the planetary birth chart can cause various financial problems so it is recommended by astrologers to wear ruby gemstone to strengthen sun.

Ruby is also known as Manik Ratna. Ruby gemstone is known for bringing prosperity and wealth throughout the world and the auspicious day to wear ruby gemstone is Sunday.

Coral – Coral gemstone is also known as moonga. Coral gemstone is considered to be very auspicious to remove obstacles and it protects its wearer from financial losses.

Red coral

Coral gemstone is associated with planet Mars, mars in a weak position in native’s birth chart can cause roadblocks and downfall in a person’s career while strong mars can bring stability in business and protect the wearer from misfortune. Coral is known as the “prosperity stone” because it improves a person’s health and wealth status.

Citrine – Citrine stones are recognized as the lucky stone for financial and business progress, it is also known as “merchant stone” because it is helpful in uplifting business and wealth status.

Citrine gemstone comes in bright yellow color and it is always recommended to keep this gemstone in cash drawer because it attracts more business. This beautiful gemstone can remove negative energies from your business place and helps to expand your business.

Carnelian – Carnelian is a bright orange color gemstone and it holds a lot of positive energy. Carnelian attracts prosperity, success, and wealth towards its wearer. It fills the wearer with courage and confidence which is essential for a prosperous career.

It is recommended by gem experts to wear carnelian gemstone during the business presentation and job interview because the positive energy of the carnelian helps the wearer to give better performance.

Cat’s eye – Cat’s eye gemstone is beneficial for growth and success in business and it also has astrological importance. Cat’s eye gemstone is associated with the planet Ketu, Ketu is known as one of the most malefic planets in Vedic astrology.


Ketu can cause business and financial losses while wearing a cat’s eye gemstone can protect the wearer from the malefic effects of Ketu. Cat’s eye gemstone also protects its wearer from the evil eye, black magic, and evil spirits.

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